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Why We’re Ditching Marketing Plans

Yesterday evening Joe and I were discussing Marketing Campaigns at our company Christmas Party, which basically consisted of us eating at Tin Man Brewery in Evansville, Indiana (which is excellent, by the way). And during that dinner, I finally expressed something that has long been floating around in the back of my brain:  I really don’t like the term “Marketing”.

Oh my gosh…you own a creative “marketing” company…you didn’t just say that?!?!

Yes I did, and here is why: Read more

Web Design and the Perfect Mix

There is a plethora of resources out there in the web design and development world that attempt to explain some type of “magic formula” or “secret recipe” that, when followed, will draw people to your organization’s website and convert them to becoming paying customers and/or subscribers. And to be honest, those resources may have some good “suggestions” for web design….but that’s all they are. Suggestions. Those articles also twist the truth and deceive their readers if they “guarantee” or push some specific formula that is “bound to work”. Read more

What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Here at Relative Creative, we often get asked the difference between web design and web development, since many people, inside and outside the industry use both terms interchangeably. And though the majority of web designe firms perform web development services as well, this is not always the case (or at least has not always been).
Read more

Is It OK to Fire a Client or Customer?

It the business world, many business owners/managers and entrepreneurs think that the practice of “Firing the Customer” is an atrocity. They reason that if you fire a client, it could possibly be harmful to their Marketing efforts or Appearance if word got out that there may have been issues between a customer and their business (which is why we’re covering this topic here). Read more

Continuity and It’s Importance in Branding

Continuity is something we all strive for in many aspects of our business. For example, we want to be sure people receive the same attention to quality when one client/customer receive our products or services as anyone else would, and we continuously try to push our Value Proposition with the same message and tone each and every time it’s given. Read more

Relative Creative’s 2014 Year End Review

What are we most thankful for in 2014?

Seeing how today is the last day of 2014, we thought it would be nice to look back at 2014 – pull some numbers – and see just how far we’ve come in the past 12 months. You can call this our “Highlight Reel” if you like. The most humbling aspect of the year is the realization that it is YOU, our Customers, our Friends, and our Families that have made this year so successful. Without the support of those who continue to use, promote, and encourage us…this year wouldn’t have been so successful. So when we celebrate the new year this evening, we will tip our glass in honor of the many outstanding supporters we’ve had this year, while looking forward to what 2015 brings!

Here are THREE highlights from 2014 that we are thankful to our clients for:

1. New Services 


In 2014, we successfully launched Relative Print & Promotional – a Full-Service Commercial Printing & Promotional Products division that helps tristate organizations find exceptional quality print & promotional products at very competitive prices.


2. Full Time Entrepreneurship 

In 2014 our Founders were finally able to make the transition from working Part-Time at Relative Creative to FULL TIME status! A dream that has been YEARS in the making.


3. Exceptional Growth 


Our 2014 Sales Reports showed that we more than DOUBLED our annual sales this year (compared to 2013), with an outlook to do the same thing in 2015!



Once again…we say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make our dreams a reality. We hope you give us the opportunity to serve you again in 2015!

Happy New Year!


Perceived Quality, Commercial Printing & Your Company Image

There’s a correlation that many small business owners and managers fail to make when they consider advertising, whether that be through the bounds of the internet, direct mail postcards, magazines, personal hand-outs or the many other commercial printing products available on the market. They even struggle with this correlation when deciding on the design and fulfillment of their Business Cards. That correlation is simply this: Read more