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Perceived Quality, Commercial Printing & Your Company Image

There’s a correlation that many small business owners and managers fail to make when they consider advertising, whether that be through the bounds of the internet, direct mail postcards, magazines, personal hand-outs or the many other commercial printing products available on the market. They even struggle with this correlation when deciding on the design and fulfillment of their Business Cards. That correlation is simply this: Read more

These Principals of Design are Essential

I know this was a long, long time ago for some of you, but back in 1997 a group of really smart design-focused folks (see who they were below) came together at North Carolina State University and crafted “The Principals of Universal Design“. These guys (and gals) were advocates for good design practices, and I’m certain their hope at the time was to give product designers, architects, civil engineers, web designers, graphic designers, marketers, and everyone else who crafts usable products/media/stuff a type of foundation in which to go by when it came to developing a “thing” or a “piece” or a “destination”. Read more

The Importance of Analytics in Web Design

A well-designed website drives results – whether that be “Sales” of a specific product or service, the “sharing” of information from the website, or some form of “Contact” to the company/organization who owns the website. And it’s really really important to measure the performance of each website you own using an Analytics software like Google Analytics, which will not only tell you how many “hits” your website is getting, but will also be able to divulge “Where” your visitors come from (search engines; direct; social media; adwords campaigns). Read more

Web Design with WordPress (Part 1)

There are MANY reasons we develop our websites using the WordPress CMS Software as the framework, and Security is one of the most prominent of reasons. The image above is from one of the websites we currently manage, and in this image you’ll notice that there are 286 “Lockouts” (attempts to get into our account using user/administrative credentials). Read more

How Important is Your Company’s Website

That is a great question. I accidentally ran across a good statistic this morning while doing some research, and I thought you might find it useful to see. The above image is a representation of the results received when PPAI (Promotional Product Association) surveyed their suppliers and distributors. It proves not only that “Referrals” are still the absolute best reference for customer engagement, but that “Websites” followed suit in the 2nd place position. 57% of businesses surveyed said that “Websites” were where the majority of their sales were generated. So, with that said, there are many questions to think about here: Read more

The Problem with Self-Built Website Services

There are a plethora of options out there when it comes to building a website for your company, organization, event, and even for your personal use. And one solution out there that seems to be growing in popularity is the “self-service” website building services that allows a person to “build-your-own-website” using specific tools to place content within pre-designed parameters set by the company. Read more