February 10, 2015 Relative Creative, LLC

Continuity and It’s Importance in Branding

Continuity is something we all strive for in many aspects of our business. For example, we want to be sure people receive the same attention to quality when one client/customer receive our products or services as anyone else would, and we continuously try to push our Value Proposition with the same message and tone each and every time it’s given. “Repetition Builds Remembrance” as our college marketing professors would say, so we try to keep our wording the same each time we present our products/services (therefore building continuity in our message).

But many organizations often FAIL HARD when it comes to keeping continuity of their Branding within their various marketing campaigns. Their graphics don’t support each other visually, the overall “styling”, color selection, and font choices when developing their marketing materials is all over the map, and they choose imagery based on their own likes and not what supports their Brand. Overall…they throw continuity out the window when it comes to their branding, and it could be costing them deeply.

If you want to grow a business/product/service, you don’t want to make this mistake, and should always be aware of how your branding strategy is being utilized in each area of your marketing. The “repetition” of styles, colors and elements is what helps build “familiarity” of an organization’s branding….something we call “Brand Awareness“. This is what we focus on FIRST and FOREMOST when we develop products for our clients, and is what you should focus on as well.

As always, if you need help in your marketing efforts – especially with your branding – give us a call.

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