July 17, 2015 Relative Creative, LLC

Elite Escapes Branding and Website Design Project

One thing we really enjoy about our business is the unique opportunity we have to meet new business owners and see what they do to stand apart from their competitors. This past week, we finished up a project for a local luxury travel company based out of Evansville, Indiana. This project involved creating a new branding initiative (logo, color scheme, etc), as well creating a new informational website design that supported the new branding.
During this process, we dug in to what the company does that differentiates them from their competitors, and questioned the “value proposition” they bring to the table. Overall, we left highly impressed with their services, and would recommend their services to anyone looking for an adventurous, relaxing, dream vacation. Some of the things we found extremely valuable that this company does to ensure their clients have the best experience possible is:

  • They get to know their client, and recommend destinations and activities based on their client’s desires (not based on what makes them the most profit).
  • They specialize in many geographic areas, not just what’s “hot” in the industry this year (and will therefore be crowded).
  • They do all the leg-work in the planning process, as most people are too busy (working and living life) to research their destination.
  • They custom-tailor a daily itinerary for their clients and make all the reservations for activities and events.
  • They research new destinations by visiting themselves to assure the high quality of experience and service they provide.

With that being said, we highly recommend using Elite Escapes for your vacation needs….not because they are our client, but because they bring a level of service and value that is not found anywhere else. Also…go check out their website (and branding), and let us know what you think.

  Elite Escapes

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