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Some people put little thought into the “brand-building” aspects of their graphics, slides, images, icons, product labels, and especially their print materials – they usually just want something fast, cheap, and easy. The end result is usually something that does not support or instill Brand Recognition in the eyes of the viewer, and the quality of workmanship will ultimately represent the the quality of the organization’s products or services. If you look at all of the major “Brands” (both service and product oriented), you’ll notice one thing about their offerings: They always have extraordinary graphics that set them apart. For example, you can pick out a “Tide” detergent bottle in almost any grocery store, as Procter & Gamble has always used superb graphics on their bottles, and have even used specially colored packaging that accentuates those graphics. They’ve invested a lot of time and thought into their branding and graphics, and they carry those graphics over into their advertising as well. Everything ties together to enhance their branding efforts and reinforce the brand recognition.

Our Designers feel that Graphic Design (which encompasses print design and web design) is one of the top 3 attributes that sets an organization apart from it’s competitors. Aside from having a FANTASTIC product or service and EXCEPTIONAL customer service, the ability to Remember and Recognize the product or service or the company that supplies it is directly related to the skills of the Graphic Design team. They’re the guys that create the memorable & recognizable logo, the branded graphics, the product or service images, the website banners and color schemes, and even the product labels (if applicable). And at Relative Creative, we don’t take that responsibility lightly either. However, we are confident in our abilities, and would love to have a discussion as to the benefits of utilizing Relative Creative for your organization’s branding needs. Partnering with us to develop your brand may be the decision that sets you up for a successful future.  

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