July 28, 2015 Relative Creative, LLC

Web Design and the Perfect Mix

There is a plethora of resources out there in the web design and development world that attempt to explain some type of “magic formula” or “secret recipe” that, when followed, will draw people to your organization’s website and convert them to becoming paying customers and/or subscribers. And to be honest, those resources may have some good “suggestions” for web design….but that’s all they are. Suggestions. Those articles also twist the truth and deceive their readers if they “guarantee” or push some specific formula that is “bound to work”.To be perfectly frank, when it comes to web design and web development there is no “magic formula” or “secret recipe”, as each website developed has a specific target audience and method of conversion. Each website should be unique in it’s own way, and create “conversion” by being unique and informative within it’s industry.

As an easy to comprehend analogy to web design, lets talk about cookies for a moment. Now, one could argue that the best way to make cookies is to follow the recipe on the side of a Toll House Morsel container to create a beautiful batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies. But what if your target audience doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies? What about those folks out there that want sugar cookies, macadamia nut cookies, no-bake cookies, peanut butter cookies, snickker-doodle cookies, thin mint girl scout cookies, and the various other types of delicious treats out there? Can you successfully make no-bake cookies with a chocolate chip cookie recipe and the subsequent ingredients? No..absolutely not.

When it comes to web design, you can’t build a website that touts your organization’s strengths by following a “recipe” either. You have to create a custom yet “perfect mix” that is perfect only for your organization and your target audience. Otherwise, you’ll be missing the mark. And that’s what a good web design professional (web developer) does for you…they create something that is perfect for YOUR company alone.

So don’t subscribe to the hype of some article that touts the secret formula for getting more clients/sales/etc…. instead, find a good web developer that can work with you to create a website perfectly mixed for your organization.

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