Web Design

We don’t just build nice websites…we build results!

The ultimate goal of our web design team is to make our client’s websites “WORK” for them in as many practical ways as possible. Not only should it represent your brand well, enhance your company’s brand awareness and present information in a aesthetically pleasing way, but it should drive your prospective customers/clients to action and generate revenue for your organization. After all…that is the purpose right?

At Relative Creative, the art of Web Design isn’t merely about creating nicely formatted pages, popping images, or captivating content…it’s about creating an online platform that encourages conversion and interaction from users. It’s about getting our client’s services or products in the hands of their customers, and doing so in a way that enhances their overall branding while encouraging repeat business and referrals. It’s about creating a Strategy – specific to our client’s needs – that helps them grow their business in a healthy way.

How do we do it? What is our Process?

Every web design/web development project we take on goes through a specific process in order to make sure our client’s needs are met, as well as to ensure that the website will perform as needed in order to grow their business. It’s a 6-Step process that guides our team (and our clients) through the development process; helps us monitor the progress of the build; helps bring out any pertinent information that should be evaluated and/or considered, and improves the likelihood for success.

Step 1 - Analyze Customer Needs

In the Analysis stage we discuss and develop the “Purpose” of the website and the “Goals” to set in order to measure success. We also analyze the market in which the client is competing, and narrow down the Target Audience and the most successful ways of reaching prospective customers.

Step 2 - Develop a Strategy

We don’t “fly by the seat of our pants here”…Our Web Design team will take the information from the Analysis step and develop a concrete strategy or plan of action, in order to keep our goals and needs in the forefront of our efforts. Not too many ventures are ever successful without a good plan.  

Step 3 - Create Relative Content

Content is the most important aspect of any website, as it’s what tells the story of your business, your product, or your service. Content is also what Search Engines care the most about, and it’s in this stage where we develop the story you want to tell and persuade the site visitor/user to action.  

Step 4 - Craft the Visual Design

After we have the Strategy and the Content, we develop a User-Friendly design that is easy to navigate and that presents your content in a visually pleasing manor. We also make sure the styling aligns with that of your organizations branding efforts, and further enhances brand recognition within your industry. 

Step 5 - Develop, Test & Deploy

Putting all the pieces of the first four steps together, our Web Design team develops your website using the latest and most reliable technologies available. We then test the site for Usability and function, to make sure it works as we had planned. After testing is complete, we launch the site to the public. 

Step 6 - Monitor, Analyze & Adjust

After launching, we don’t jump into celebration just yet… instead, our Web Design team monitors the website and the analytical data to make sure we haven’t overlooked anything important, and to be sure the site is performing as planned. We then make adjustments if we find any areas that need attention and repeat the monitoring/analyzing process.  

What other benefits do we provide to our Clients? 

 Responsive Designs
A website that is friendly with every platform

 Simple Website Management System 
We build our sites utilizing Wordpress CMS

Tailored Hosting
Hosting that is Fast, Secure & won’t break the bank.

Analytical Reporting
Keep track of your site’s success.

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