December 16, 2015 Relative Creative, LLC

Why We’re Ditching Marketing Plans

Yesterday evening Joe and I were discussing Marketing Campaigns at our company Christmas Party, which basically consisted of us eating at Tin Man Brewery in Evansville, Indiana (which is excellent, by the way). And during that dinner, I finally expressed something that has long been floating around in the back of my brain:  I really don’t like the term “Marketing”.

Oh my gosh…you own a creative “marketing” company…you didn’t just say that?!?!

Yes I did, and here is why:

The term “Marketing” has nearly become a curse word to most people. Just stop for a moment and think about these various sub-categories of Marketing: “Tele-Marketing”, “Email Marketing” or “Door-to-Door Marketing”. What immediately comes to your mind? Hassle. Interruption. A waste of your time. Direct Mail marketing brings frustration to many people as well, who get tired of sifting through countless pieces of junk mail just to find their normal bills, birthday cards, and authentic letters. The term “marketing” has been tainted over the years, and for good reason.

But Marketing itself is not the problem, and it’s not the process of Advertising that is at fault. It’s the blatant misuse of the process that has caused the degradation of this industry; it’s the constant stream of “Junk” and “Gimmicks” being advertised that are to be blamed. It’s the high-interest credit card offers; the bait and switch schemes of retailers (who advertise a low price for a product they won’t be keeping much stock of, in an effort to just get you in the door). It’s the advertisements from satellite companies that specifically state “no contract required” in bold letters while simultaneously stipulating in the fine-print that the offer they are publishing directly under that heading requires a two-year contract.

Therefore, this stigma that has been creating a growing disdain for the process of marketing is solely due to the many companies (marketing companies included) that have abused the process in order to trick someone into buying a product or services that isn’t what they said it would be. And THAT is why I really don’t like the term “marketing”. In fact, we don’t like it enough to say with confidence that we will never again create another “Marketing Campaign”.

We will, however, be focusing our efforts on creating effective “Awareness Campaigns” for our clients.

What’s the difference, you ask?

An Awareness Campaign is just what it says it is: a campaign to bring awareness to a specific product, service, organization, or brand that is truly going to bring the prospective customer/client “Value”. This involves a lot of the same processes (print design, web development, video production, etc.); however, the INTENT (and some of the design) is different. The newly focused intent will be to bring awareness as to the value, usefulness and quality of such products/services.

In other words…we’re not going to be helping people with ill intentions create things that don’t bring value to their prospective clients/customers. It’s just not a good business practice and it strikes a nerve with the morals and principals that we stand upon. We will however be helping great companies/organization bring awareness to the many great products/services that they are offering, and I hope that if you are one of those companies looking for someone to help introduce your value to the masses, that you’ll see the difference and want to partner with us in such a venture.

Joshua Vandgrift
Creative Director,
Relative Creative, LLC


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